Re: KD8CEC firmware and basic Manager settings #ubitx-help

Nikos SV1IYF

Hi Rob,
Didn't get them, just "crafted" them (smiling face here).
For the first one, I started with the zero beat calibration procedure, as per general instructions.
I noticed that the beating (lack of) was happening on two consecutive dial numbers, 15 and 16 or 16 and 17, don't remember exactly any more.
I tried setting up the radio under both of them, writing down the long numbers and at the same time measuring the frequency offset by tuning in to the Russian time standard TX (9.996 MHz) and the calibration tool of WSJT-X.
One was a bit bellow, the other was more above, so I interpolated the exact value, finally rounding it a bit.
For the second number, I tried some values by juggling between a) the best use of the 2kHz available bandwidth and b) getting more carrier and image LSB sideband suppression by monitoring the waterfall of my IC-7300.
It was a compromise task, I think did as best as I could.
73 Nikos

On 6/4/2018 10:32 μμ, Rob Snow wrote:
I wanted to let you know that I entered your calibration numbers into my uBITX and have fixed by WSJT-X offset issues.  I was ~85Hz off at 14MHz and 45Hz off at 7MHz, thank you for the numbers...where did you get them?

Also, changing the USB calibration I'm now able to dig out all the signals that I was missing under about 900Hz offset.

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