#ubitx Shocks and vibration proofing the uBitx #ubitx

John <passionfruit88@...>

As I use my rig mainly in portable situations, I want to try to avoid field failures due to shocks and vibrations. 

I am particularly concerned about the toroid coils and maybe the larger electrolytic capacitors.

I have my finals mounted firmly to a larger heatsink attached to the case so they will be ok.

I have some limits as to how much padding I can add as I want to use the rig /PM as well. 

I have also decided to avoid the extra weight of a "Pelican" style case.

So I have three questions: 

1. Are they other components I should be concerned about?

2. What method so you recommend: hot melt glue, epoxy glue, superglue or other method?

3. What about the cables, I have them bundled at the exit of the connectors wherever I could. Any other actions I should take?

Not wanting to hijack the Bitx40 thread about L2-L3.

Thanks and 73, 

John (VK2ETA)

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