Re: uBITX BAT54SL: diode ring mixer direction question

Michael LeBlanc

Thanks Tim and Raj. I'll go ahead and wire things up now that I know. Once I get the mixer soldered-up, I'll check it with my signal generator and scope.

By the way, I do keep a journal: I scan most of my pencil sketches and drawings and save them in Evernote. I'm using SMD components; my layout drawings are made with Adobe Illustrator and hand-cutting pads and traces on a PCB using an engraver's burin acquired many years ago through my fine art degree. "Come up and see my etchings!" ;-) I hope to document this process once I get a little further along.

At any rate, this technique is very time-consuming at the front-end of the development cycle. It requires several layers of error-checking, and if I do it properly, it results in a perfectly-working circuit at initial power-up. 

-Michael VE1LEB

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