Re: No More Smoke -- Changes to our podcast


My friend Bill, I certainly hurt to hear the legal woes of your blog which which I can no longer mention by name without fear of losing my entire retirement savings and more. After reading the blog post today and your passioned plea for suggestions of a new name, I feel you would be safe in changing the name from ""Solder Smoke" to "Smoder Sloke". I think that no lawyer in their right mind would draft a letter that may end up in a court of law that reads "We, the people of "Solder Smoke"hearby demand that the people of Smoder Sloke to cease and desist". This would make any challenge in court so confusing to present, that no judge, or jury could ever understand which way to rule. I wish you all the best with the "Smolder Sloke" blog...I mean the Sloder Sloke".. I mean the "Smodder skoke....O well you know what I mean.

Best 73s


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