Re: Arduino For Idiots?

Larry Smith

YouTube has a lot of videos.  I started out with:

He has a series of lessons that I think are good.  Usually the right side of YouTube for this subject shows what's next.  Also other sources of info.

I purchased from Ebay a kit of experiments from China that included a UNO powered from 9v. battery plus various sensors etc..  Kits like this run about $35-$45 or more depending on what you may want to explore down the road.
The Arduino web site has the instruction set defined.
With a 9v. battery and < two square feet of table top you can start to learn.  These devices can get addictive 😀 HiHi
Keeping good notes in a dedicated notebook as I found helps!

On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 2:06 PM, Ron Hawks <RonHawks@...> wrote:

I like the sound of the word "kid" and wish I was there (veteran at 79, call sign KF3E).  Just recovering from heart surgery and gave up an IC706MK2 G in the process. Just ordered moments ago my very own uBITX.  Very impressed with the web and hub stuff, very good validation of the gear.  Looking forward to a long and prosperous build and a lot of time on 20m and PSK31 among other qso.  Thx for allowing me to come aboard.


Ron Hawks KF3E

Hixson, TN

On 4/1/2018 2:28 PM, Steven Read wrote:
From the sound of things it appears there are at least 3 of us in this conversation about the same age. I am the “kid” at only 66 years of age. I have been looking at getting a BITX20 (or possibly the 40M variant for some time.) I am going to have to start soon because my hands are getting less steady & my eyes less sharp.

From my experience with my wife’s robot my first suggestion is to make careful notes (both in the form of a notebook & comments in the files you create) & create some sort of scheme that works for you to allow you to easily compare your current work with what you did last week (Windows 10 has a file history feature you can turn on or if you want something else you can do something like creating folders with a suffix of yy-mm-dd — the date you are working on a particular idea.)

Steven Read - ab9ol - (em79jt) Dublin, IN 

On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 1:20 AM Stephen Wandling <swandling@...> wrote:

Steven, yesterday I knew nothing about Arduino.  I know a bit more after reading the first bit of the Kindle I mentioned.  How much I want to know, is a question that is premature for me. 

I was looking for some peace of mind, and if I bought a BITX, I did not want to be stepping into a 'world' that would require 'extensive' education on my part.  If that were the case, I would probably not buy the BITX.

Once I begin working my my Nano, I may decide I need to take my Arduino up a notch, or not.  And with the BITX I suspect it will be much the same.  If I REALLY want a feature, I would learn how to make it happen.

I am closer to 80 than to 75 and serious education is not usually on my horizon.  While I often watch a Youtube on some topic, just to get the general idea of how things are done, I value having time to think when I read.




Steven Read - ab9ol - Dublin, Indiana (em79jt)

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