Re: RD16HHF1 power curve flattening...some

Ashhar Farhan

How much power should we put out? It is really your call. I personally prefer 10 watts. There are multiple reasons. First, between 10 watts and 20 watts, the other side will feel almost no difference. Second, at 10 watts, I can still you batteries. Third, the heatsink is managable. Fourth, I am technically in QRP land.

- f

On Sunday 01 April 2018 09:03 AM, Nik VK4PLN wrote:
Hi John,
BN42-202, but a 2:4 ratio winding giving 1:4 transformation. Runs cool at 20+w with 330pf Mica cap. 220ohm feedback resistor.
Listening on 14.277 ?
73 Nick

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