Re: Placed order #ubitx


Just placed order for my ubitx. 
Read all posts  and understand it's going to be a couple of months. For what this rig can do for the price I have lots of patience😀.great site and the ham operator who designed this and employing others who wouldn't have any, he needs our total support. Not every day you have a ham that build and sells a rig that covers all bands and is affordable. I for one am on a tight budget but for 5his price I'm in, plus I primarily do qrp cw. Anyway looking forward to receiving it. Chose DHL shipping too. Hope to hear from all on the bands and if the bitx net is still going, meet up there
David Todd
PS. Just reclaimed my first callsign I started with. It was still open. Ka9koj.
I haven't changed my email to reflect that yet. Anyway great site, keep up the good work. 

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