Re: uBITX BAT54SL: diode ring mixer direction question

Tim Gorman

The direction of the diodes don't really matter in this instance. They
act as switches which are alternately turned on and off by the clk0
signal being alternatively positive or negative.

I don't know if you keep a journal or not. I do. I keep notes as to
things like this in my journal which include how I actually wired the
component and the actual internal wiring of the component. Date the
page and initial it so you can look back later and see what you did.

tim ab0wr

On Sat, 31 Mar 2018 05:36:32 -0700
"Michael LeBlanc" <> wrote:

I'm building a uBITX from scratch and I noticed that in the schematic
for the BAT54SL, Farhan has shown the component as having the cathode
at pin 1 and anode at pin 2. However, the ON Semiconductor datasheet
for this component has the anode at pin 1 and cathode at pin 2. On
the schematic, for example, the mixer between T4 and T3 has the diode
arrows going around in a clockwise direction.

If the datasheet is correct and this is indeed the proper
configuration for this component, then the schematic appears to be in

So my question: is the direction of the diode ring is significant? Is
the clockwise direction essential for proper operation of this
circuit--are the pin numbers incorrect--or can can I successfully
wire up the transformer toroids to the pins of the diodes as shown in
Farhan's schematic, forgetting about what's actually inside these
tiny black boxes?

-Michael VE1LEB

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