Re: KD8CEC firmware and basic Manager settings #ubitx-help

Nikos SV1IYF

Hi Nigel,

I calibrated mine as follows:
Master Calibration 143000 => Accuracy within 3Hz @10MHz, as delivered was ~75Hz off
USB Calibration 11996200 => Places the audio BW @ 430-2450Hz @-6dB
I ended up with said figure for USB as I only work FT8 and also the farther the crystal filter's pass-band is shifted from zero the better the carrier suppression and the LSB sideband (which are nothing to boast about).
LSB Calibration: Nothing tampered yet.

73 Nikos

On 30/3/2018 9:19 μμ, Nigel G4ZAL wrote:
Has someone got some baseline numbers for Ian's 'uBitx Manager' for the following (I'm playing with version 1.061) :
Master calibration (zero is a good enough starting point it seems).
LSB Calibration
USB calibration

I have managed to screw mine up and now have USB & LSB transposed.  I know, I know, I should have made a backup before tweaking, but I didn't.

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