uBitx on teensy with JT/FSQ and WSPR beacons

Steve P

I’ve been working on porting the uBitx code to teensy, which now works well. In addition I’ve added a few other things with the new expanded memory capability.

- I2C 4x20 display, leaving many pins for other uses
- digital beacon modes supporting all JT modes, WSPR and FSQ; transmission is triggered by timer interval set through main menu.
- setting of teensy real time clock through GPS (will add option to set manually and through serial later.
- dynamic setting of maidenhead locator (4 or 6 character) based on GPS

- sd card use to store custom messages and logs for digital mode operations.
- numeric keypad support to enter text and directly enter frequency.
- voltage/ amp monitor for battery operation.
- swr meter
- and more...

I’ll make it publicly available when I get more time to test everything more in-depth. I’m very short on time lately though.


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