Re: Placed order #ubitx


Receive this Feb 2nd after placing my order January 25th:
Dear Customer,

We have received your payment of USD 119 on January 25, 2018 through Paypal. Your payment has been included in the 'Pre order' list. The orders are being shipped in the order of the payment received. It is difficult for us to estimate the shipping date for your order. However, we are putting our best efforts to ship them asap. The tracking details of the shipment will be updated on the Paypal transaction once the order is shipped.

We are overwhelmed with your response for micro BITX and we are encouraged to do better and roll out new products.

Please cooperate with us for the delay in shipping your orders. We look forward to your continued patronage. In case, you have any issues, get in touch with us at

HFSignals Team last week stated that orders of 24 January were now being shipped. Of course my order was the 25th.

Have hear that there have been problems with parts supply such as the audio IC that is no longer in production and that there is now worldwide shortage of torrid cores, So I would guess that production of the ubitx may have been delayed.

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