Re: Junkyard uBITX #ubitx

Rob Snow

I thought I'd update this for the "junkyard" types out there.  Here is the digital rig.  RPi 3 is usually my backup APRS setup, so a Baofeng audio discombublator is on top.  FT8 QSO's from Italy, Cuba and Venezuela today from Central Texas.

Audio isolator to the right (2k + 0.1uF and 600:600 transormers), I used some cheap 3.5-3.5 cables peeled and split with teeth.  Multimeter can be seen on the input side setup for current monitoring.  I didn't have any alligator clips, so I spun the wire around the multimeter leads and used the caps as clamps.  1.8MHz high-pass on the right/top, local AM station overload.

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