Re: how to reset the calibration

Tim Gorman


You've been *very* helpful. I tried your suggestion about 7.074 and
it's now exactly like you describe!

Hopefully others will benefit from your comments also.


tim ab0wr

On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 20:13:06 -0700
"Jacob Farnes via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

Yes, tune the carrier to 0Hz (toneĀ  goes quiet/away). In mine a
high-pitched tone appeared and confused me, so take your time and try
to ignore the birdy signal.

The problem with doing it to an AM station is that you can reverse
USB and LSB, so having something to check immediately after
calibrating is a good idea. FT8 tends to be busy enough even when the
ragchew nets have gone to sleep.

If you can't hear them on 7.074 LSB (except for the one guy in low
tones), but booming in on 7.074 USB you've got it right.

When I got my uBitx, the sidebands were reversed from the factory in
the Raduino. Which was fine until the auto-sideband switch flipped it
back on me. That's where I started to check the tuning and

I kept seeming to make it worse each time I tried to make the
calibration. Took a week off to clear my head and come back to
looking at it.

I hope I've been helpful despite seeing a few details I could be more
explicit about.

73 de Jacob AG7CT

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