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Howdy Tim,

An S-38A to be exact.  It is one of two I have. I like to use it for SWL. The other one is waiting to be brought back to life along with way too many other old radios in my shop.  Up next is a Central Electronic CE-10 and 458 VFO I got at a Hamfest in Puyallup a week or so ago.  I have one in the equipment rack but the new one does not have a scratch on it.  But right now the uBITX is front and center.  I am thinking of getting another just to experiment with.


On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 8:00 PM, Tim Gorman <tgorman2@...> wrote:
Nice! I like your boat anchor gear. Is that an old S-38 I see?

tim ab0wr

On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:53:46 -0700
"Nelson" <ngtdlt@...> wrote:

> I got my uBITx wired up today and powered it up this afternoon.  Not
> much on the air but I did go out to my jeep and fired up my Yaesu
> FT-817ND on 10 meter and had my wife listen down in the shack.  She
> said it hurt her ears it was so loud (I had the AF Gain up all the
> way) but other than that it worked fine.
> Now I just need to get the microphone wired up and/or a key wired up
> so I can test the transmitter portion.  For the key I think I will
> just make an adapter from the 1/4" mono plug I use on my other rigs.
> The mic I will use is a mic that I use with my Baofeng UV-5.  I will
> modify the plugs to be separate plugs for the mic and external
> speaker.  I just need to get a couple of the appropriate size jacks.
> Dang I wish Radio Shack still had a store in town.  As it is, I will
> need to mail order the plugs for the mic external speaker and key.
> In the mean time I will spend some time surfing the bands and
> listening on it :-)
> Attached is a picture of it in the shack.
> Nelson

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