Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Mike Woods


Selecting the extended menu is not well documented for either stock or KD8CEC versions of the firmware.  You select the "settings" menu, and wait for it to return to the frequency display (exiting the menu system). Now press the button again and you should see the extended menu settings.

In relation to the tuning step.  The step values offered are completely customisable (I have 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz and 1kHz as options), but need to be configured using the PC software "uBITx Manager" developed by Ian.  Go to his website ( and find the post about "uBITx Manager".  It is a very useful tool to install.  There are Windows and Linux versions.

73 Mike ZL1AXG

On 22/03/18 2:33 AM, Chris Clarke wrote:
I also have a little bit of a problem getting the Extended Menu after selecting "Setup On?". Sometimes I get the Extended Menu, mostly I don't. I haven't discovered a surefire way of getting the Extended Menu, just seems a matter of luck. Fortunately it's not something I need to return to often.

Also it seems the maximum tuning step is 200Hz. This is not a very useful value - 1MHz would be much more useful to me.  I'm looking at the code to see if and how I could change the values for "tuneStepIndex". Are you able to you advise on this?
Mike Woods

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