Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Chris Clarke G3SQU

Hi Howard

Yes, I am using the KD8CEC firmware. I did install a separate push button instead of the encoder's one, and for convenience sake I placed it under the volume control (ie LH for  menu , RH for tuning) and it was then I first noticed the problem with jumping into tuning lock. I put a a twisted pair back to where to the yellow earth wire goes to the encoder, so that's quite a long run but I thought I shouldn't use a separate earth point. I'm actually wondering whether to leave the encoder's switch in circuit and take my twisted pair to the push button from it, but at the moment I've removed the leads to the push button.

As a point of interest, I'm using the plastic Excellway® EF01 Electronic Project Case but I'm now thinking of rebuilding into a metal case big enough to provide some modular screening.

Thanks for the reply.

73 Chris

PS I think my biggest issue is going to be RF power out - only 4W on 40m, 2W on 20m.
Looking at replacing the finals.

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Are you using the KD8CEC firmware? That makes a huge difference in many things.   Also, I found it helpful to add a separate push button across the encoder switch.   It's easier to use that way.
Howard K4LXY

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