Mechanical work is done...


I ordered my uBitX on Jan 11, 2018 and it was shipped on March 9, 2018 arriving in south central Washington State, USA on March 12, 2018.

I have completed the mechanical work.  Now to get to the wiring.  The case I used was a box I had bought for some project over a decade ago and never got around to using.  I ordered a speaker grill from Amazon for about US$2.50.  I decided to use a pot with switch from my junk box in order to have a standard size shaft.  It came out of an old Radio Shack CB set.  It is an A10K so should be fine.  The knobs are from an old Henry Tempo One (Yaesu FT-200).  The speaker is from my junk box as is the 12vdc fan.

Attached are some photos of the project so far.  It has the wx 2822 so I went ahead and ordered a couple along with a socket just in case.   


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