Re: antenna tuner for uBitx

David Wilcox <Djwilcox01@...>

While I agree somewhat I am not in favor of an automatic antenna tuner because if your wire (especially with a new antenna or experimental antennas) and supporting arrangement leave you without a close match the time it takes the automatic tuner to get a match it may be too long out of tune and blow your finals.  With a manual tuner you can key down for a short time while tuning, let it rest a few seconds, try again getting closer, and finally get your match.  Keeps the finals cool and prevents the smoke from being released.  

I have a Z 11 Pro and while I have not blown any finals I am very touchy with my antennas and check them with an analyzer before using it, just to make sure I am close.

I prefer a small Z match like the Emtec, 4SQRP tuner, GQRP tuner, etc.  At the home shack I use an MFJ 300 watt roller inductor tuner.  The reason I like manual tuners at home is I can look at the numbers on the dials and if they are different from what I usually see I look for antenna trouble, ie., antenna down, ice coated, wrong antenna, a short somewhere.  With the automatic tuner it just tunes and you don't know if its the antenna or the tuner that is making your xmtr happy. And even at 5 watts or less we can fry a 510.

I admit I am a nerd and like to tinker versus those who like to "just get on the air and make a contact". My preference.  This is a wonderful hobby and we all are different.

Dave K8WPE

On Mar 19, 2018, at 6:37 AM, Curt M. <Kc3hjp@...> wrote:

I use my LDG Z-11ProII with an end fed wire and my Bitx40. The tuner only requires 100mW of signal to auto tune. 

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