Re: Soldering gun or iron

Jerry Gaffke

Not necessarily grandpa's.

 I just now noticed the signature in the image, here's more of them:

A very famous film star from the 1920's.
My dad always said Buster Keaton was his favorite.
"The General" was filmed in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

His Wen ad looks like it was made in the mid 1960's,
Still have the gun I got about then with my berry picking money. 
Hit the floor a few times, so covered in the friction tape
that now holds it together.  No idea what brand.

Jerry, KE7ER,   Flora OR

On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 06:17 pm, Ashhar Farhan wrote:
Anybody remember this from your grandpa's magazine stash ?
- f

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