uBitX low output power, received audio OK #ubitx


I'm a fairly inexperienced builder and don't know much of anything about debugging issues, so please bear with me.

I ordered my uBitX and I have it set up in a small pelican-style case field-radio style with all the controls on top.  So far it is all stock and I have made no modifications - I am powering it by alligator clips to the appropriate spots on either side of the reverse protection diode, and the only nonstandard thing about it is that it is wired to run an unmodified Baofeng mic.

I noticed I am getting low power output on 40M and 80M.  It originally was putting out around 1-2W.  My received signal sounds fine on a commercial receiver a few feet away.  After I reset the PA bias and adjusted RV1 for maximum smoke, I am still getting only around 4-5W out.  

I did check Q90, and it does not appear to be shorted - Another thread mentioned that as a possible cause of low power out.

I did notice unusually low current draw when I reset the PA bias.  With both pots fully clockwise, I was getting 390ma with PTT down, where the instructions for tuneup say I should expect 470-500ma.  Could this have something to do with it?

Any help is appreciated.


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