Re: BitX40 case from The Home Depot...


The white panel was cut from a retail advertising sign.  Some kind of "plexiglas", but quite flexible and easy to work and cut- doesn't have a propensity to chip or shatter.  About 3mm thick- I had to countersink the holes where the jacks fit so the nuts would attach.  The brass mounting screws are just ACE hardware stock, with the knurled nuts.  I first tried to attach them with epoxy glue, but that didn't stay bonded to the acrylic case.  Currently, they are affixed with a healthy blob of 3M 5200 polyurethane sealant which is great stuff.  Besides holding the screws solidly, it allows for a small amount of flex, which, I suppose, adds a anti-shock component to the build....This is smaller and much lighter than an ammo can (steel anyway).  Not sure of the RF-resistant properties of acrylic.....;^)  Aloha, Steve.


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