Re: Soldering gun or iron

Jerry Gaffke

Between 15 and 40 years ago, I'd spend a year or more at a time on the road when fed up with cubicle life.
All my gear in one well stuffed daypack, but still enough to sleep rough when needed.
Being geekish, found room for a miniature SW receiver and DVM, and some basic tools.
Tools included some screwdriver bits, a soldering pencil tip, hanks of wire and solder, the tiniest visegrips offered.
Occasionally found reason to do some soldering, using a butane cigarette lighter to heat the tip.
In mainland China in 1990, soldered up my broken wire rimmed glasses, using copper wire to reinforce the break.
That one was with direct application of the flame, the tip didn't give enough heat.

On 03/16/2018 05:40 AM, David Wilcox via Groups.Io wrote:
I think this was intended as a tongue in cheek joke.
Nope, not a joke.  Sometimes do solder with a propane torch.
Next in line is the oxy-acetylene torch.

Haven't used either on the uBitx yet, but it would make short work of removing a WX clone.
OK, now that's a tongue in cheek joke.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 10:39 am, Steve Thatcher wrote:
Can't resist this story: I was at my rather remote shack in Alaska with limited tools.  The brand-new ICOM mic for my old 725 had a bad connection in the PTT circuit.  Of course I took it apart to fix, and, of course, the broken wire was that smaller-than-a-hair stuff.  With no soldering iron, I had to improvise.  Propane torch on the bench heating a #16 nail held by vise grips supported by the bench vise, using big plumbing-size solder.  Mic works to this day.  Lucky I didn't burn the shack down.....Those 3-in-1 rework stations look pretty tempting....Aloha, Steve WH6ST

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