Re: Anyone with a good working configuration for CW with the KD8CEC software

Ian Lee


1. If the reception frequency of CW is different from the transmission frequency, it can be easily solved by uBITX Manager.
In uBITX Manager, if 'Shift Display Frequenc on CWL and CWU Mode' is checked, uncheck it.
I had this option so nice that it was used automatically. 

2.uBITX_Manger Backup file contains Calibration values, 
Please make your own uBITX configuration information as a backup file first. and upload another user backup file to your uBITX after modifying Calibration and BFO.

I have uBITX configuration backup files for several users. If you want, I will send my configuration file to your personal e-mail.

3.A new version of KD8CEC with WSPR functionality will be released in a day or two. Several bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been made.
 In the new  version, I are considering not to use avove #1 Option (  'Shift Display Frequenc on CWL and CWU Mode'  ) automatically.
 I will listen to users' opinions and make a decision.


2018-03-18 3:30 GMT+09:00 <davidaker@...>:

I'm having trouble getting the TX and RX frequencies to match on CW.  If anyone has a good configuration for this, would you please post or send me the uBITX_Mgr .btx file.
Many thanks,

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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