Re: a Little Gun Shy #ubitx #ubitx-help

Mike Woods


Sorry you got an Internal Server Error.  These occur periodically when the server runs out of memory (i.e. whe 6000 BITX20 list members go to the website all at the same time!).  They clear within a few seconds to around a minute, and only occur every couple of days.  Sometimes they are the result of Denial of Service attempts. 

Some things to check:

1) Have you checked that you are connecting to your uBITx (e.g. in the Arduino IDE)?
2) Have you selected the Hamlib FT817 as the rig and the correct port?
3) Have you the correct baud rate setting and stop bit?

    38400 baud 1 stop bit.

I don't have HRD so can't really comment on "how" you do this! may be helpful


On 18/03/18 11:23 AM, Vince Loschiavo wrote:
that was Dr. Lees v.1.04


Mike Woods

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