Finally finished boxing up my uBitX #ubitx

Michael Aiello

After about 8 weeks of working on it slowly, a few minutes at a time, I've finally finished boxing up my uBitX and it's now up and running FB.
The box and mic holder are 3d-printed from a design I found on Thingiverse and remixed a bit. 
I've made a few mods along the way:
  • replaced failed WX TDA2822 with a NJM2073D pin-compatible chip
  • rewired power to put fuse ahead of protective diode
  • added QRPGuys keying adapter
  • upgraded firmware to KD8CEC v1.01
  • increased mic gain by added 47 ohm resistor across R63
I'm primarily interested in CW, so I tried out my NesCAF switched capaacitance audio filter with the rig -it works great! The NesCAF was built from a kit years ago, and has been languishing on a shelf, but it will get used now daily.
I've had a lot of fun with this little rig already just putting it together, I'm looking forward to getting on the air with it a regularly. 
Mike N2HTT

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