Re: Micro BitX No Audio TDA2822?

Jerry Gaffke

I assume your uBitx arrived with the bad WX TDA2822 part. 

This part:
should be a direct pin-for-pin replacement of the TDA2822.
Mouser part number is  513-NJM2073D, costs about $1, plus another $5 for shipping .
Mouser is a top line distributor, there are other vendors.
JRC strikes me as a very reputable manufacturer.

An alternative is this from Tayda at $0.29:
I think we heard from somebody in the group that this worked well for them.
UTC is not a company I am familiar with, and Tayda goes for the budget end of the market.
I like that UTC has cooked up what looks like a complete datasheet, not just a photocopy of the ST datasheet.

Many other possibilities out there, just two that look good to me.
I have not tried either one.

Jerry, KE7ER 

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:27 am, Sajid Rahum wrote:
Same question also, I received ubitx today and it has the same faulty ic.  2073D - is it a straight replacement for TDA2822?

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