Re: F R A G M E N T A T I O N !

Vince Vielhaber

On 03/13/2018 10:06 AM, Dennis Zabawa wrote:
This group is SSLLLOOOWWWWLLLLYYY being fragmented into disparate topics:

* Original BITX20 Design
* Original BITX40 Design
* Basic uBITX Implementation Problems
* Simple uBITX Upgrades
* Complex uBITX Upgrades
* Arduino IDE & Programming Issues
* (Add Your Own Topic Here)

It is becoming more and more difficult to find an answer to a specific
question or to even follow any one thread! This is often exacerbated by
a shift in thread content that is in no way related to the original
topic title.

Is there a way to improve the structure of this group? Suggestions??????
Sure there is. Move it to a forum. I like forums but I'm not convinced this group is broken. 99% of the posts are easy to tell what they're about (B20, B40, uB, BS, ...). If you're having a problem discerning that, it probably means you're not used to the other products. Perhaps the web interface and the provided search facilities would help you.

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