Re: F R A G M E N T A T I O N !

Jerry Gaffke

Good subject lines are important.
For example, "Hey, I've got a question"  is not a good choice.
Nor is "Complaint Department".

The uBitx is a hot new product, 4000 shipped and still a big backlog.
Lots of development going on, and lots of people trying to figure out what it is.
Group activity is at a peak, will fall off considerably in a few months. 

Mike's curated website will have much of the stuff from the forum nicely organized.
The wiki, being a free-for-all like the forum, likely won't be so organized and up to date
as well the curated   But if you see a pet subject being ignored, perhaps create
a rough wiki page and point it out to Mike.


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 07:29 am, Jack Purdum wrote:
Subgroups, to me, means that everyone in the group can nicely compartmentalize their area(s) of interest. Most groups that do this seem to have some subgroups fade away, or the main group does. I think the idea of a subject line that begins with what would be a subgroup name still allows members of the group to be more selective in what they choose to read while still having the ability to read more as their time allows.

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