Re: F R A G M E N T A T I O N !

Jack, W8TEE


I think you've done a good job of categorizing the fragmentation all of us have probably have noticed. I belong to a number of Forums and it's not unusual for me to have over 80 posts in the morning. I want to read them all, but it's getting pretty hard to justify the time. It would really help me, and likely others, if posters would prefix their issue with the general class of the problem, followed by its specifics. For example:

    IDE-Programming: Multiple compile error messages

for a post where someone is having trouble compiling code in the Arduino IDE. I would read this as I stand a chance of helping. Another:

    Complex: A four transistor solution to PTT Thump

I would also read this as it's a problem for everyone. If it's simple instructions, I can follow along. Another:

    µBITX Design: Class E design for new PA

While I would be interested in this, I'm not an EE, so I would likely not read it, plus I enjoy QRP and PA's hold less interest for me. I would also add a category: Shipping Info, as a lot of posts are about when they bought the rig and when it arrived.
I realize getting thousands of people to follow a convention for posting would be difficult. However, I think it would be a HUGE benefit to everyone. Perhaps Arv has some thoughts on this.

Jack, W8TEE

From: Dennis Zabawa <kg4rul@...>
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 10:06 AM
Subject: [BITX20] F R A G M E N T A T I O N !

This group is SSLLLOOOWWWWLLLLYYY being fragmented into disparate topics:
  • Original BITX20 Design
  • Original BITX40 Design
  • Basic uBITX Implementation Problems
  • Simple uBITX Upgrades
  • Complex uBITX Upgrades
  • Arduino IDE & Programming Issues
  • (Add Your Own Topic Here)
It is becoming more and  more difficult to find an answer to a specific question or to even follow any one thread!  This is often exacerbated by a shift in thread content that is in no way related to the original topic title.

Is there a way to improve the structure of this group?  Suggestions??????

Dennis KG4RUL


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