WSJT-X for uBITX using LINUX

Rod Davis

Hi All,

In the past, WSJT-X running on Linux would not work with the uBITX. The problem was
the Hamlib FT-817 protocol was not successfully connecting to the uBITX at startup.

For the past two weeks I have been working with Bill Somerville, G4WJS on the issues.
I explained the nature of the problem, and provided CAT link protocol logic analyzer traces,
and did bench testing of new Hamlib code Bill provided.

Bill took a lot of time out of his schedule to work on this, and it has borne fruit.

Bill identified the area that needed changes,  provided modified software,  and stayed
with the problem through quite a few iterations of testing. I know it took a lot of his time,
and I am grateful for his persistence.

Bill modified the Hamlib FT-817 protocol to resolve the problem, and he indicates
there should be an official WSJT-X release including this patch soon.

I will post details when the new WSJT-X is posted.

I believe we owe Bill, G4WJS, a debt of gratitude for his expertise, hard work, and persistence
in support of the uBITX community.


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