Re: #uBITX Firmware KD8CEC - IF-Shift etc. #ubitx


Hello Ian
On cw mode need very precise setting frequency.
73 Matjaz

From: Ian Lee
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 6:09 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] #uBITX Firmware KD8CEC - IF-Shift etc.
here is a problem with my word selection.
If your device is receiving normally, you can use it as it is.
For the original source, the default BFO is 11997000. (This is the value when there is no setting value.)
2018-03-12 12:43 GMT+09:00 Guy N7BIR <sgbridge@...>:
Ian, you made the statement “The uBitX cannot be used if the BFO calibration has not been performed”. So if the calibration hasn’t been done how will the radio perform?  Reason I ask is I completely lost my transmit. Receive works great. The finals are in good shape. Would not doing the BFO calibration have any effect on transmit? Thanks,

Guy N7BIR 

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
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