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Guys & Gals,
I didn't want to leave anyone out. I just thought I should remind everyone that this is a forum for the BitX (all BitX's). It is made up with thousands of radio amateurs who want to expand and enjoy their hobby. I have been licensed for 64 years now. I am a Technician (not an Engineer). I fix things, build them, troubleshoot them, analyze them, I read schematics, what I don't do is design things! Farhan has done an excellent job with the BitX and has made many improvements to his designs. He has put out a quality product that thousands have enjoyed using. Basically the BitX is a great entry level transceiver that is affordable for all. It is not a perfect transceiver, but that is what this forum is for, to share modifications, improvements, and new ideas with each other. We do have outstanding Engineers on this forum. No matter what your background is, there is help for you on this forum. If it doesn't work, someone will help you troubleshoot and find the answer. There is no warranty on the BitX. It is being offered that way to keep the costs down. I have one of the first uBitX's shipped. I put it together in a small chassis, I found a few mistakes and I fixed them. My output power with 12.6 volts applied is about 8 watts on 40 meteres. My first contact was 1500 miles away with a S9 report. I'm almost afraid to add any mods to it since it works sooo good. For beginners, when you get your uBitX, I have a few suggestions, First, follow the instructions, do not try to read the schematic, use the pictures in the instructions for placement of the colored wires. For the 3.5 mm speaker jack, do not jumper the tip to the ring, this will prevent shorting audio out when a mono plug is inserted. Last suggestion - It is a QRP transceiver, don't try to get more power out of it! If you need more power, use an external amplifier, there is a file on this forum on how to do this. Most power supplies run up to 13.8 volts, don't go over that, I chose 12.6 volts and nothing gets hot and I can use digital. Lastly, respect everyone on this group, we are from all over the world and we are all friends in our hobby.

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