Re: ubitx mount question regarding lcd display and bezel


Hi Tom, Not sure what bezel you have from the many that Digikey offers. My guess is that you are more interested in mounting the LCD without any visible fasteners. I know that some have mounted the display using only the pins into the main board for support and found that to be sufficient. That method does require careful positioning of the board and I see yours is already in place. Looking at your layout I think you could make some brackets which would be held in place by the tuning encoder,jacks, and volume control and hold the display from behind avoiding any thru holes in the front panel. Brackets could also be attached to the bottom panel to do the same thing. Of course you could get another bezel big enough to cover the thru front panel fasteners but it is always rewarding to figure out how to use what you already have.
GL and looking forward to seeing your solution.
73 Willy

On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 9:45 AM, Bert N8NN <bertgarcia73@...> wrote:
Tom -- Very nice tuning knob!  Can you provide the part number and source?

Thanks, Bert N8NN

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