uBITX Firmware KD8CEC - IF-Shift etc.


Hi All

Many thanks for all the response concerning the BFO adjustement and about using the IF-shift. I have been playing around with the BFO setting while monitoring myself on another transceiver but as I’m not getting there where I really would like to, I returned to the factory settings. Leastening to the transmitted LSB and USB on another transceiver was never symetric, maybe the steps to set the bfo are not fine enough to do this or I am making something wrong.

Yes, the IF-shift is often a very helpfull feature within crowded bands and as Mike pointed out, it is also nice to be able to adjust the sound of a ssb signal on receive. So, if this could be corrected in the software would be very fine.

Another point I’ve noticed today while using CW, dx-cluster and CAT to jump to a anounced station... When the CWL-, CWU-feature is enabled, then the TX-frequency is not spot on but offset by the amount of the CW-Tone.

Nevertheless, this little rig is a joy to play with, especially with all the added features by Ian‘s software.

Vy 73, Gerald - HB9CEY

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