From the Hans Blog-Wise idea to avoid a "monopoly"-


I agree with Hans and I think when the common sense fail a reminder as this a very good option for the health of the blog and the group relationship.


Hi all
This is a monthly reminder of guidelines for posting to the QRP Labs group. Keep these guidelines in mind when posting to the group. 
  1. Remember your email goes to up to 2500 people - so ask yourself, is it something you really want 2500 people to see?
  2. Before asking a question, please ensure you have read the relevant manuals and web pages thoroughly, to see if your question is already answered somewhere.
  3. Also check the FAQs and 
  4. Don't write about your kit arriving. Send that to sales@... instead - where it is compiled into statistics published here
  5. For any questions about shipping or your order, please email sales@... instead
  6. In the event of any missing or damaged component, please email sales@... instead
  7. Please don't write "Happy Christmas", "Happy New Year" etc messages - it's very nice of you but imagine if all 2500 members wrote it...
  8. It is nice and friendly, to provide your name and callsign - or if you wish, you can add a photograph and whatever details you like, to your profile:
  9. Ideally label the subject with a tag in square brackets e.g. [QCX] to help people who may wish to set up filtering.
  10. If you are asking for help with a problem, please provide as much information as possible about your problem; "Doctor I feel sick" never helps the doctor to diagnose much, without a lot of further questions; it saves time and messages, if you provide as much information as you can at the outset. 
  11. If you change the topic of a thread, please edit the subject line or start a new thread, to keep the content and subject lines relevant.
  12. Remember, a lot of people in the group are hobbyists trying to help other hobbyists for free and in their own spare time.
  13. If you find the volume of emails too high, remember that you could also configure your group membership to send you "daily digest" emails, collecting all posts for a day into one; or you can configure it to group 12 posts in one email. 
Thanks & 73
Hans G0UPL

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