ubitx mount question regarding lcd display and bezel

Tom Christian

While I'm waiting for my blown U1 replacement parts, I'm finishing up on my ubitx case.  I'm not sure the best way to mount the LCD display to the case.  I've read a number of posts but did not find the exact answer I'm looking for.  Using the metal standoffs which come with the kit does not quite fit with a nice Digikey bezel mentioned in other posts.  The bezel looks really good, but if I use the mounting hardware, the screws will overlap the bezel corners and show.  I have some plastic standoffs which I could countersink, but the color still does not exactly match my Jaemco case.  I've thought of using a metal glue for the standoffs but I'm not crazy about that idea.  I've seen posts where others used larger bezels or custom bezels.  But I'm wondering what others have done when using the Digikey bezel.  Enclosed is a picture.  Any thoughts?

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