Re: The issues of the TDA2822

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This is the modification I came up with to implement a 7805 to supply the TDA2822.

Please check it over for errors.  One trace cut and scrape a little off the board and solder in the 7805.

Ron W7HD

On 03/09/2018 06:41 AM, Raj vu2zap wrote:

For me obsessed in experimenting with receivers, the audio parts graduated from LM380 then smaller 386 and then someone
mentioned the TDA2822.. I always had a soft corner for National Semi but switched to TDA. I always worked on 12V and
the TDA in bridge mode. Compared to 386 the 2822 sounded warm and nice lows with 2W out.

Vaguely I remember blowing one to reverse polarity supply. One TDA melted my solderless bread board but survived. I now realise
that it IS designed for 9V or lower although it can take 15V max.


At 09-03-18, you wrote:
Raj, when you use the TDA 2822 in other designs what voltage are you running them at? Is it at the 9 volt dc via a voltage regulator?

Skip Davis, NC9O
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