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Ian Lee


It seems that there is a communication problem with uBITX that communication error occurred in both reading and writing.
If you have another computer, would you try it again there?
The top setting is 38400, None, 8, One.

Can you test one more?
uBITX Firmware CEC Version is compatible with most software. 
If you have a CAT control program that you are using, please Communication test with it
You can also use programs such as Ham Radio Deluxe, FLDIGI, Wsjt-x, and JT-65HF.

Please refer to the blog below for CAT program setting.


2018-03-08 0:32 GMT+09:00 <davidaker@...>:

Thanks for the reply.  I'm using 1.04 and indeed the error occurs when reading.

error message

error receive length = 1/1027


Best 73
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