Re: Autotuner for BitX40

Lawrence Galea

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Any link to ldz11 schematic please.


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The old LDG QRP tuner if you can find one works great upto 30W.

Elecraft T1 works good too

LDG Z11 (you will need to wire in 12V and use the tune button on the front of the tuner and tx either CW or a long HaLLOOO)

Any of the LDG tuners will work you will just have to make a cable to get 12v from somewhere and use the tune button.

I use a KT-100 with my icom by taking 12v from the ACC port, you could put a 12v out on the bitx to do this as well.

Using a pre-tuned Antenna is nice but limited, I use a tuner pretty much all the time the lower your SWR the better. With a good tuner the loss is very very small, unless you are using a massive tuner for say 1Kw at QRP levels and even then tuned right it will work.


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