Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!


Hi Folks. A little update after some testing (no watt meter, just a dummy load and a Multimeter)

rv2&3 - 200 ma, mic ptt. Loud hallow = 1.7 amps but gate volts on FET are 3.8 & 3.99-4volts . is this not breakdown voltage? (slowly learning...)

If I adjust rv2 and 3 down I can take Gate Voltage to 2.5v but only 50ma on ptt with no audio or keying a tone and geting 1.3amps or into mic with a lung splitting cough @ 1.2amps.

Should I ignore gate voltage on FET and just adjust RV2&3 to 100ma each draw, on 12v(brown)

No idea of power out into load other than it can get warm.



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