Small problem on 20M #ubitx

Neil Goldstein

Hi all, 

I have been using my uBITX in a case I purchased from Carl Beck, W5BEK.
I love the radio!

I have one issue going on.  When I transmit on 20 Meters the Raduino switches into menu mode (Band Select)
I'm sure this is a wiring issue, and I probably need to clean up the cross-wiring internally, but it's tough with the cross-connects between some of the components.  I am using VERY short wires to the antenna connector. 
My question to the group is: What should I do from the following list, or all of them, or anything else?

  1. Use shielded wire bundles to all of the pots and connectors (All Electronics has some nice shielded wire bundles in 2, 3, 4, and 5 conductors)
  2. Use some RG-174 to the antenna connector (about an inch, currently just wire)
  3. Tie all grounds together with the copper tape on the insides of the case
  4. Devise some sort of shield around the raduino

Thanks in advance

--Neil, W2NDG

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