Re: CW S/N ratio problem

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

I’m assuming you’re using a good antenna.
The noise figure of the front end should be comparable to that of most rigs.  In such a case, naturally generated background noise on active HF bands below the maximum usable frequency greatly exceeds that of the receiver. 

Therefore, when using a bandwidth of your choosing, the signal to noise ratio should be similar to that of any other radio.

You can adjust the bandwidth with audio or radio filtering. Audio is easier.

On Mar 3, 2018, at 08:59, DrZ <zehrhj2@...> wrote:

I'm finding the uBitx signal/noise ratio on CW to be almost intolerable.  The background hiss is loud and irritating, and weaker signals get lost in it.  I haven't tried hardwiring in a narrower filter, but when I plug in a Hi-Per-Mite SCAF from another rig, suddenly the background noise drops way down and signals that I didn't know were there pop out of the background.  Obviously to be a cw rig, my uBitx will have to have a narrower filter, and plan to install a Hi-Per-Mite SCAF.  But I'm wondering if others are finding this issue.
Howard K4LXY

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