Re: Bitx40 with Raduino stopped working #bitx40help #bitx40

MVS Sarma

try replacing dispay

On 2 Mar 2018 19:22, "Jamie Dean - KW4XR" <jdean72985@...> wrote:
I'm hoping someone has a idea on what to do to fix this.

My YL and I built the Bitx40 with the Raduino three nights ago. It was working fine till today I 
unplugged the Radunio to mount it in a case. When I hooked it back up the display will not light up and only a few clicks in the speaker. The unit will still key with no output power. I checked the voltage and it still has 12.58 volts at the Radunio. I also hooked the Radunio to the PC to check if it was dead. It was able to be recognized and the ardunio software was able to talk to it. 

Any ideas what might have happened? All connections look ok. 

Thanks in advance,
Jamie Dean - KW4XR
Morganton, NC USA

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