Re: B40 LM386 and µB TDA2822 and that 470µF Cap

Jerry Gaffke

They're worth a try, maybe you managed to get some good ones.
But in my experience, anything under about $10 in headphones is not worth the bother.
Extremely low fidelity, to the point of not being good enough to listen to the news.

I agree with Vince, not trivial to put a new connector on most headphones these days.
Try it.
Better than hacking your $1 headphones is a mono to stereo adapter plug:
As suggested in a post a couple days ago.

Not yet clear if avoiding shorts is sufficient to keep this chip from failing.
Some reports of plugging in stereo headphones causing it to fail.


On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 08:17 pm, Thomas Sharka wrote:
Headphones are cheap. You can find them at the Dollar Store.

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