Re: TDA2822 ill treatment test!


Did some more tests.

Normal audio use the current was 60-70mA

Dead short with varied drive the current was 300-800mA. At 800mA the chip got hot!
The current did not go above 1A at any time.

I suspect there are TDA2822Ds masquerading as TDA2822M.


At 01-03-2018, you wrote:

Having used TDA2822 for decades and never had a failure of any kind even with the chip running very hot,
I got this urge to short my uBitx audio output and see it the chip blows.

Power supply 13.6V
Current limit 2A

Touching the volume control leads produces a loud 50Hz hum. At this volume I directly shorted the wires
at the EP jack. The chip got mildly warm thats it.

No smoke or explosions ! I think that some may have got bad/defective/BY chips..


Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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