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Dave Bottom <ars.kd6az@...>

Ian has compiled binaries ready to install.  I’m on the road but he has complete instructions on how to do this on his blog.  See the link to his blog on his QRZ page.  

While it is sometimes hard to find the direct link on github, for the latest I’ll look it up in the morning and post it once again. 

I think the latest (for stock hardware) is v1.02 or v1.03 and you generally have to read all the way to the end of his description of updates to find the link.  It’s very straight forward to install following the instructions on his blog.

I don’t believe there are yet complete instructions, playing with his menus you discover most of it easily.  It’s been 25 years since I’ve done any software and I’m almost 70 (June) so don’t think it’s too tough.  

I’m looking forward to learning again when I finally retire and have time.  I also bought Jack’s book on programming the Arduino. Jack, W8TEE if you don’t recognize from his many posts here.

Dave WI6R

On Mar 1, 2018, at 5:53 PM, Michael Hagen <motdog@...> wrote:

I was looking at KD8CEC for uBit.

But there are a lot of ino files when I download?  So I am lost.

Any instructions what file to load into Arduino IDE ?    I don't know what I am doing looking at the downloaded files.

Is there a name for the latest version of a file that is the whole thing?

I tried, just get errors.   So I need step by step instructions.

So where to go, what file to load into Nano?  If there are multiple ino files, how does it know of the others?

If not CEC, what should I load?


Mike, WA6ISP


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