For Sale - Raduino (from uBITX kit)

Jim, N5IB

I have a never-used Raduino/NANO (optionally, with LCD display) for sale.
$25 postpaid to a USA address for just the Raduino/NANO, $30 postpaid USA for the Raduino/NANO and display.
Shippping to a DX address would be around US $15 and require a customs declaration.

These are the ones that came with my uBITX. I have replaced them with my "RadI2Cino" and a 4x20 display.
The Raduino board has the handwritten annotation "547/1" and "not programmed"

I'll ship it as is, or if the buyer sends me a ".zip" file with their choice of Arduino firmware, I will program the NANO.

Reply --OFF LIST PLEASE-- to n5ib (at) juno (dot) com if you're interested.

Jim, N5IB

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