Re: U1 fried

Clark Martin

The TDA2822M data sheet lists an absolute maximum one amp output output current.  Since this chip is apparently prone to blowing out on short circuit I would add a .5A fast blow fuse in the speaker line, between the PCB and the headphone jack.  It doesn’t need a fuse holder, it could be soldered in (using a fuse with pigtail leads).  It would still be easier and cheaper to replace than the amp IC.

I’ll likely add this mod to my µBitx.  I don’t intend to short it out but then almost no one does.

Clark Martin

On Feb 28, 2018, at 2:22 PM, John <jjczon@...> wrote:

I fried mine when I plugged in a stereo sony noise canceling headset.
So it does not only happen with mono plugs.

Hopefully the spare TDAs with sockets will arrive soon so Incan start troubleshooting my no power problem.
To be on the safe side and avoid another wait I also ordered some IRFs ;)

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