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I like a lot of the cases I see used for BitXes, I really like this one and your choice of knobs and layout


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This Group is mighty nice.  I have enjoyed it tremendously for a while now and have learned from others here.  I have a question now.  I have installed my xbitx in an old junked Repeater Case, no testing yet, but I would like to have better choices with the standoffs for the board and display.  The display is a little too far in for my total liking.  Maybe you can see with pics.  Not finished yet.  What are the threads per inch (maybe 4-40) and so on?  I ordered some from Mouser but were surely not what I wanted and expected.  Any help is surely and greatly appreciated.

KJ4FFG <IMG_4796_1_.JPG><IMG_4797_1_.JPG>

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