Re: I got my uBITX ... adventurous shipment !

William R Maxwell

hey Mike, don't take it out on the poor old Volvo. If it happens to be a 240 series, it has the best 4 cylinder engine ever built. Dump your old Abba records, rollmops, Bofors gun or similar, instead!


On 27/02/2018 10:09 AM, Michael Hagen wrote:

Dirty Rotten Bureaucrats!

I am for sure going to Dump my Volvo!

Fearing the VAT Tax here some day!

.... ..   .... ..


Mike, WA6ISP

On 2/26/2018 2:41 PM, Mikael wrote:

Santa came early this year. 

Finally got the package with my uBITX today. (Ordered Dec 21st)

Well... Now the fun Begins! Case and all other parts arrived weeks ago. 

Forecast says snow and Cold weather for the weekend so excellent for Indoor radio assembly


My uBITX got held back in Swedish customs for a few Days and they  slammed me with 25% VAT plus handling fee which added up to about 42USD

Cheap China packages is history for us in Sweden now since postal office is introducing a handling fee of 9USD + 25%VATon declared value

on ALL packages from 1st March regradless of value.

If I order something small for 2USD free shipping from Aliexpress now - I will pay Ali 2USD and then 9,5USD in VAT plus handling fee to get the package out in Sweden.

Been known for some weeks now but will be hundreds of thousand packages already on the way that people never will pick up now with the new fees




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